Podcast: All Adventurous Women Do, with Laura Thomas PhD

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Laura Thomas PhD on 'Don't Salt My Game'. If you don't know this podcast then you need to. Check it out on iTunes.

Laura is a Registered Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate, and her mission is "cutting through the BS and telling people what they really need to know to stay on top of their game." Trust me, she's killing it!

We talk about lady bits: drawing them, cutting them off, the stuff that comes out of them and the stuff that's living in there. And of course we cover my favourite topic of cervical screening. Don't be shy, give it a listen...

And don't forget to follow Laura @LauraThomasPhD on insta and twitter and find her at http://www.laurathomasphd.co.uk/

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