The Principles of Colourful Eating with Dr Rupy Aujla from The Doctor's Kitchen

30th November 2017


Dr Rupy Aujla is a straight-talking NHS doctor lending his unbiased opinion on healthy eating and showing everybody how to get phenomenal ingredients on their plates everyday. He invited me on his new podcast to talk about my past-life in exploring the scientific evidence behind of one of my favourite hashtags: #eattherainbow.

Give it a listen HERE. Also check out Rupy's book, and find him on the 'gram, twitter and FB.

Talking PCOS with Alice Liveing

16th August 2017

Alice Liveing (aka Clean Eating Alice) and I did a quick Facebook live chat about polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). There's so much confusing information online, so we attempted to cover the basics and suggest a few areas to target to manage the symptoms.

Contraception with Dr Hazel Wallace

10th August 2017

Dr Hazel Wallace (aka The Food Medic) and I sat down to have a good old girly chat about contraception. It's still such a taboo topic and there is a lot of dry information about it online, so Hazel and I go through all the common techniques to hopefully give you some information to help you decide what might be the best thing for you.

The Vaginal Microbiome: What's the deal? With Dr Laura Thomas

5th May 2017

In a quick bonus episode Dr Laura Thomas and I discuss the bacterial underworld: The Vaginal Microbiome. Intrigued? Give it a listen! It's pretty scientific and geeky but I think you'll love it!

All Adventurous Women Do With Dr Laura Thomas 

28th April 2017

Dr Laura Thomas is a Registered Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate, and her mission is "cutting through the BS and telling people what they really need to know to stay on top of their game." Trust me, she's killing it!

We talk about lady bits: drawing them, cutting them off, the stuff that comes out of them and the stuff that's living in there. And of course we cover my favourite topic of cervical screening. Don't be shy, give it a listen...

And don't forget to follow Laura @LauraThomasPhD on insta and twitter and find her at